1991 Land Rover Defender 110 200 TDI

Totally original and practically museum quality 1991 Landrover Defender 110 200 TDI 5-speed 11-seat passenger wagon. This is truly the cleanest unrestored Defender 110 you are likely to ever see. It had 1 previous and very careful owner for it's entire life, kept in almost perfectly preserved condition in a garage. The back seats have literally never been sat in. The underside is flawless, no rust, never painted. In fact there is no body or frame rust anywhere, which is pretty much unheard of for a Landrover that spent it's life in the UK. 58K original miles. The engine even still has some of the original gold engine paint on it! Everything is original (except two of the 5 tires!). The clock and radio even still work perfectly. I have dealer service records from when it was purchased and it was always serviced at a dealer. There is one tiny ding on the front driver's side panel. I talked to a restoration shop and they said don't touch it in order to preserve it's original condition. I registered this in the UK (i have a copy of the V5 showing 1 previous owner and myself as registered owner) before importing it 100% legally and registering it in Nevada with full title. Serious inquiries only - this is competitively priced given it's stellar original condition.

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We source and import classic Land rovers, minis, and other classic european vehicles several times a year so check back frequently to see our latest inventory!

Most Land Rovers and Minis have to be at least 25 years old with original engines and be relatively unchanged in order to be cleared by US Customs. However once in the US we can make any changes/ additional that a client requests. We also customize certain vehicles to our own specification (e.g., expedition vehicles).